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Cadillac has stood the test of time to become one of the most well-known automotive brands around Odessa and Big Spring, but just how did everything begin? When was Cadillac founded? What was the first Cadillac ever made? In this guide, Sewell Cadillac of Midland walks you through the history of Cadillac to shed some light on the brand’s beginnings. Get acquainted with Cadillac history and then experience the best of the modern day lineup at our Midland model showroom for a test drive!

When Was Cadillac Founded?

So, just when was Cadillac founded? This brand began way back in 1902, thanks to Henry Leland. The name “Cadillac” was taken from the founder of Detroit, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. After less than a decade in business, Cadillac became known for introducing interchangeable parts to the industry – a practice that would change automotive production forever. The brand only got better with time, becoming the very first American car to win the Dewar Trophy from theRoyal Automobile Club of England. This led to the Cadillac slogan, “Standard of the World.”

What Was the First Cadillac Ever Made?

The Cadillac Runabout has the honor of being the very first Cadillac ever made in 1903. This 2-seat “horseless carriage” drew power from a single-cylinder engine, which produced a whopping 10 hp! Introduced at the 1903 New York Auto Show, the model was priced at $850. Eventually, the Cadillac Runabout became the Model A. The model B was introduced one year later in 1904 with an extended front and transverse front suspension.

Cadillac Logo History

You can’t talk about Cadillac history without covering Cadillac logo history, and the signature wreath and crest has gone through quite a transformation to the modern era. The first version was inspired by the coat of arms of Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, the brand’s namesake. In 100 years, the brand has been redesigned and refined over 30 times! Take a look at the Cadillac logo history over time:

  • 1906: The original crest was divided into just two parts, a coat and shield. The shield stood for the royal counts of Toulouse. This is the only time birds, or merlettes, were featured prominently.
  • 1920: The badge utilized a tulip-bulb wreath, paying homage to its original design. The crown went between a seven-point and nine-point design.
  • 1933: The crest became more lavish, and a new set of wings was added to the crest..
  • 1957: Cadillac began to experiment with the crest’s proportions, stretching out the logo to become wider and longer until the crown nearly disappeared.
  • 1963-Today: Subtle tweaks and refinements were made to create a more chiseled design, and the brand’s logo was finally complete. No new changes have been made since.

Experience Cadillac History with Sewell Cadillac of Midland

You’ve learned all about the history of Cadillac, but if you want to experience the very best of modern Cadillac history, visit Sewell Cadillac of Midland in Midland. Our team can introduce you to the Cadillac inventory and help you find just the right model for your Andrews, travels. Contact us today with any questions.

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